A man in India went to the doctor complaining of an itch, only to discover a live three-inch cricket had been living in his ear. A video showing the critter being extracted from the man’s ear which first emerged in 2013, has been trending online this week. It is believed to have been filmed at the South Zone ENT Research Centre in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India. In the video, which is quite uncomfortable to watch to say the least, doctors use metal tweezers to remove the wriggling creature from the man’s ear. The insect resists but after a few stomach-churning minutes, the doctors succeed. One expert told the The Daily Star UK the cricket was probably looking for shelter. “It is likely this cricket crawled into the man’s ear while he was sleeping and was just hiding there until night came around,” Michael Sweet, lecturer at the University of Derby told Take a look if you dare. Source: Live Leak

Evros Demetriou was recently diving at a reef in the Maldives when he came across a spotted moray. He got right up close to the animal and recorded some footage from the dive. Evros told Storyful, “Although they have the appearance of a vicious animal, morays are peaceful and serene creatures which sometimes gives divers the opportunity to touch them or even pet them.” Credit: YouTube/UpCycleClub